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Sanya Pirani is now a published author!

EXCITING NEWS! Sanya’s novel, “High Tide”, is published by Sigma’s Bookshelf. Now available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.
Here are the links:

100% of the book signing bonus is dedicated to AKF (Aga Khan Foundation). 

Book Overview:

Just one day before Mia Lopez is to face the biggest challenge of her life, a long-lost letter from her deceased mother surfaces. In it she lets Mia know that she is destined to take part in something called the High Tide Challenge. A short time later, Mia and her best friend, Spencer Campbell, find themselves transported into a magical world where they have extraordinary abilities. They can’t get hurt and there’s a lack of need for daily necessities, but there is heart-stomping danger at every turn. Not to mention a strange hierarchy between the “Royals” they encounter. Can they find their way out of this world, or will they become members of the “Royalty” who are able to control High Tide, but can never leave? With the help of the information in that letter from Mia’s mother and a mysterious welcome note from a woman named Nerissa, Mia, and Spencer will try to defy the odds stacked up against them and find their way home. But to even get a shot in the dark at this task, Mia has to make connections with some not-so-genuine people. Welcome to the High Tide Challenge!

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