How to book Sanya for speaking engagements?

F.A.Q. regarding Sanya’s speaking engagements :

Q: How could anyone invite Sanya as guest speaker?

A: You can invite Sanya by contacting Sanya’s Hope For Children via or 952-201-1920

Q:Where does Sanya get invited to speak?

A: Sanya is open to speak at various places. Usually she speaks at  schools, conferences, churches, professional events as guest speaker or keynote speaker, businesses, and other non-profit/for-profit organizations. Sanya is able to speak to any number of professional crowd.

Q: What does Sanya speak about? or typical topics?

A: Sanya’s speeches normally include the following but are not limited too:

  • Youth community service
  • Youth leadership and its impact
  • Globalized citizenship.
  • Pluralism
  • Kindness and compassion initatives.
  • Sanya’s story about community service and youth involvement at Sanya’s Hope For Children to make a greater impact.
  • How to initiate a service project.
  • What success looks like.

Q: How far in advance does Sanya need to be informed for a speaking engagement.

A: As soon as possible. However, Sanya is open to consider it as short as a 15 day notice.

Q: Is Sanya willing to travel?

A: Yes, as long as she gets permission from school.

Q: How much does Sanya charge for her speaking engagements?

A:  Currently, we do not charge. However, your generosity of time, knowledge and resources are welcomed. Online donations towards Sanya’s Hope For Children are appreciated. Please contact Sanya’s Hope For Children for more details at

or 952-201-1920 (C)

Q: Please share Sanya’s introduction…

A: Here is the link to Sanya’s Press Kit:

Q: Do you have any YouTube Videos of Sanya’s speaking engagements?

A: There are many but here is one link: