> Fill a Christmas Bag with Sanya's Hope For Children for help Local Homeless Children. - Sanyas Hope for Children

Fill a Christmas Bag with Sanya’s Hope For Children for help Local Homeless Children.

Fill a Christmas Bag with Sanya’s Hope For Children to help Local Homeless Children

Among many of my Christmas wishes, one of my wishes is to give at least 500 school bags to children in need. I am filling 500 school bags that my partners and I sewed throughout the year with community volunteers, school supplies, books, and a toy. I would love to have partners fill these bags for local children who are homeless and live in shelters.

Now is the time to help a local child. Let’s make children happy. Get some friends together and help adopt a bag for a child. Feel free to respond via my Facebook page “Sanya’s Hope For Children” or text my mother 952-201-1920 to adopt a bag as an individual or as a family or as a church group. In addition, please call or text with any questions.

I need help from the need community to fill 500 Christmas Bags. This project started when I was 7 years old. We could not continue to achieve this major goal without the help of my team members (Andrea, Emily, Sara, and Olivia) and many community volunteers/partners.   

Here’s how you can help: 

1- Fill a bag with school supplies and a toy (Girl or Boy -Grade K-12).

2-Adopt a bag-Donate $40 for each bag. 100% of the proceeds will go towards filling the bags.

General School Supplies for Elementary Classes 

  1. 12-Pencils #2
  2. 4-Glue sticks/1 glue bottle
  3. 2-Erasers
  4. 12-Crayola Pencil Colors
  5. 12- Crayola Pencil Markers
  6. 1-Pair of Fiskars scissors
  7. 1-Pencil case
  8. 2-Wide Ruled Spiral Bound Notebooks
  9. 2-Pocket folders
  10. 1 box-Crayola Crayons
  11. Water Colors (optional)
  12. 1-Ruler
  13. 2-red pens
  14. 1-roll of tape
  15. Book (age-specific k-12 grade -6years to 18 years).
  16. Toy/Game (age-specific k-12 grade -6years to 18 years).

Please visit Sanya’s Hope For Children website under the “causes” tab if you would like to support our other projects.

Here is our website link:  https://www.sanyashopeforchildren.org/

Here is our link to donate:  https://www.sanyashopeforchildren.org/donate/

We are registered 501c3. Your all donations are tax-deductible.

Thank you and God bless you.

Sanya Pirani