Sanya’s Story as seven year old

The Story of How it Started

From very a young age, I used to worry about kids who do not have a mother and father. I used to wonder who feeds them. Who gives them clothes, especially in winter? Who keeps them warm and who reads them stories at night?

One night, I peeked in my mother’s office, she was watching a YouTube video clip of children suffering due to war; I saw a girl who looked younger than me sitting on the ground with torn cloths, no shoes, immense sadness and fear in her eyes. I was sad, angry and worried for her. I ran away to my room. Her sad eyes told me “Help me.”

Later, my mother had asked me what was bothering me. I told her that I saw that girl who was sitting on the ground on the YouTube video. Was it real? “Why did she look so sad and helpless?” My mother reluctantly explained that the girl perhaps lost her family and might not have anyone to care for her. I immediately asked, “Why? Mother, didn’t you tell me God loves everyone?”

My Mother replied, “Of course.”

“So why some people extremely poor and others are not?” I asked.

My Mother replied, “God created people like you and others who are passionate about helping God’s children.”

That night my mother’s words became real to me. I decided I needed to do something big to help others. Now the question in my mind was what should I do that will not only have a big impact but also to inspire my friends to collaborate with me.

The next morning I woke up early and started googling the ways to help. I came across a website that explained how I could feed a village of 100 people for one year.

Boy I was thrilled! I couldn’t wait to tell my mother. When I told my plans to her she said, “How about start with feeding one child first?”

I looked at my mother and said you told me, “I could reach for the star in me.” Mother knew at this point that nothing could stop me.

Awards, Honors, and Certificates


  1. 2023- “18 under 18 Award 2023” from the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS).    
  2. 2023- Minnesota Governor Tim Waltz recognized Sanya Pirani for Excellent Service and Leadership.
  3. 2023- Gold Medalist -Congressional Award.
  4. 2022-Presidential Award Winner-Gold Medal and Certificate.
  5. 2022-Community Action Partnership Ambassador Award.
  6. 2022-23 National Community Service Awards -Merit Award
  7. 2021-The Congressional Awards (Bronze Certificate, Silver Certificate, Gold Certificate, and Bronze Medal.
  8. 2021-22 Zero Hero|Zero Waste Award
  9. 2021-Leadership Recognition from Senator Pratt
  10. 2021-ChangeMaker Award
  11. 2021-Presidential Award Winner-Gold Medal and Certificate.
  12. 2021-MAVA Award for Excellence in Volunteerism.
  13. 2020-21 Zero Hunger Hero- Gold Award.
  14. 2020-21 National Community Service Awards -Honor Award
  15. 2020-Minnesota Governor Tim Waltz recognized Sanya’s Hope For Children for its efforts to prevent and alleviate hunger.
  16. 2020-Presidential Award Winner-Gold Medal and Certificate.
  17. 2020-American Red Cross Youth Hero’s Award from the Minnesota Region.
  18. 2019-Certificate of Recognition from Minnesota Governor Tim Waltz.
  19. 2019- Proclamation from Prior Lake City “Sanya’s Hope For Children’s Giving Week”
  20. 2019-Presidential Volunteer Service Award. (Gold Medal and Certificate).
  21. 2019-Unilever BrightFuture Award winner!
  22. 2019-Voice Magazine Special Recognition.
  23. 2018-Point of Light Award.
  24. 2018-Presidential Award Winner-Gold Medal and Certificate
  25. 2019-Prudential award-Distinguished Finalists for their impressive community service
  26. 2018-Selfless Community Service Recognition by World Nice Organization.
  27. 2018-Prudential Spirit of Community Honoree in the Community-Presidential Service Award Gold Medal presented by HOMS Principal.
  28. 2018-YSA (Youth Service America) grant recipient for Hunger Project.
  29. 2017-Presidential Volunteer Service Award. (Gold Medal and Certificate).
  30. 2017-Senator Klobuchaar send a recorded video appreciation for organizing “Head Start Awareness” and for Diaper Drive for Head Start Families.
  31. 2017- Sanya Pirani founded Sanya’s Hope For Children –Nonprofit organization.
  32. 2017-Sanya’s Hope For Children officially becomes member of Prior Lake Chamber of Commerce.
  33. 2017- Disney Summer service grant recipient via YSA (Youth Service America).
  34. 2016-Presidential Volunteer Service Award. (Gold Medal and Certificate).
  35. 2016-Youth Leadership Award from Community Action Partnership Agency for Scott, Dakota, and Carver County).
  36. 2015- AFP (Association of fundraising professionals) Exceptional Youth in philanthropy award.
  37. 2015-CAP (community action partnership) agency nomination of Youth Ambassador for Scott, Carver, and Dakota County.
  38. 2015- Food Hero Award from Feed My Starving Children.
  39. 2015-Star of the North Award from John Klein.
  40. 2015-Excellent Service to the community from Governor Dayton.

 Speech Awards:

  1. 2023-Optimist International Glen Lake Oratorical Contest – First Place 2023- Optimist International Zone Oratorical Contest – First Place
  2. 2023- Optimist International District Oratorical Contest – Third Place
  3. 2023- Fourth Place OO (original oratory) varsity with Wayzata.
  4. 2023- First place in OO (original oratory) varsity with Orono Mound Westonka.
  5. 2022- Prior Lake High School Varsity Letter Award-Speech.
  6. 2022- PLHS Speech Team – Captain’s Certificate of Excellence.
  7. 2022- PLHS Speech- Finalist Ribbon
  8. 2022-PLHS Speech- Original Oratory -Varsity 7th place
  9. 2021-First Place in Original Oratory Varsity finals at the Mankato East Speech.
  10. 2021-Second place at Eagle Invitational- Speech.
  11. 2021- Sixth place at the Prior Lake Speech Tournament.
  12. 2021- Sixth place at Speech Madness.
  13. 2021-Sixth Place at South St Paul-Speech.
  14. 2021-Honorable mention for the NSDA-Speech.
  15. 2021-Second Place winner for Zone competition /GlenLake Optimist Club Oratorical Competition.
  16. 2021-First Place winner in GlenLake Optimist Club Oratorical Competition.
  17. 2021- South Suburban Conference -Honorable mention award in speech.
  18. 2020-First Place winner in GlenLake Optimist Club oratorical competition.
  19. 2020-First Place winner in GlenLake Optimist Club oratorical competition.
  20. 2020-Certificate of Excellence from the Prudential Spirit of Community Award Program.
  21. 2020-Third Place winner in PL Optimist Club essay writing competition.
  22. 2019-District Oratorical Speech contest recognition.
  23. 2019-Oratorical speech Zone competition winner.
  24. 2018- First Place at Oratorical speech contest. (Medal).
  25. 2017- First Place at Oratorical speech contest. (Gold Medal).
  26. 2016 –Second Place at Oratorical speech contest. (Bronze medal).
  27. 2016 –Oratorical speech contest-Zone 10. (Recognition of excellence in oratorical contest-Certificate)

 School Recognitions:

  1. 2021-22 Prior Lake High School Board Scholars
  2. 2022-23 Prior Lake High School Board Scholars
  3. 2020/21 Prior Lake High School Board Scholars
  4. 2023- Laker’s Pride Award from Prior Lake School Board as an author and student leader.
  5. 2019-Principal Honor Roll-Hidden Oaks Middle School- 7th Grade
  6. 2018-Principal Honor Roll-Hidden Oaks Middle School- 8th Grade
  7. 2018- Principal Honor Roll-Hidden Oaks Middle School- 6th Grade
  8. 2018- Laker’s Pride Award-Hidden Oaks Middle School.
  9. 2018- Principal Honor Roll-Hidden Oaks Middle School.-6th Grade -Second semester
  10. 2018- All-Star Team Certificate from Hidden Oaks Middle School.
  11. 2017- Sanya was appointed as mayor of Biz Town by her teacher and colleagues (Jeffers Pond Elementary School).
  12. 2015- Youth Appreciation Certificate from Optimist Club.
  13. 2014-Laker’s Pride Award from Prior Lake School District.


  1. 2023-The Ann Bancroft Foundation $500 grant winner for book publication.
  2. 2022-Hershey Heartwarming Action Grant Winner ($250)
  3. 2021- Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation Youth Award Winner ($250)
  4. 2021-Hershey Heartwarming Project Action Award Winner ($250)
  5. 2020-The Walmart Community Grants Award winner ($500)
  6. 2020- World Nice Grant Winner ($200)
  7. 2020-Allina Health “Dollars for Doer Reward” 
  8. 2020-WE Heartwarming Project Action Award.
  9. 2019-WE Grant for a service project.
  10. 2019-The Walmart Community Grants Award ($1000)

 Letter from President:

  • 2015- Received appreciation to service letter from President of the United States Barack Obama. President also send a signed photo.

 Piano Award:

  • 2021- Piano Comprehensive Exam 3- Passed with High Distinction.

 Figure Skating:

  • 2020-Figure Skating-Excel Beginner Competition Medal.
  • 2019-The Ann Bancroft Foundation (ABF)! “Let Me Play Grant” Winner ($500 for figure skating).

 Volley Ball Competition:

  • 2017- Volleyball game completion Medal.


Sanya loves to write, she is a published author of a Novel. Some of her articles, poems, and songs have been published in local newspapers. Sanya loves figure skating. public speaking, essay writing, cooking, baking, sewing, reading books, drawing, hand lettering, writing, swimming, and playing the piano. She is passionate about helping the community in need. Volunteering her time, knowledge, and resources is also her top priority.

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