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*Your donation makes a huge impact!

$1 buys $9 worth of groceries for a family in need.
$24 buys a day worth of groceries for families in need.
$40 gives a child a school bag with Supplies, books, and toys/games.
$100 gives 200 books to children in Africa.
$2,000 buys 10 sewing machines with supplies to teach youth and adults to sew.
$2,000 builds an entire library for Children in Africa.

$10,000 feeds a village.

If you would prefer to set up a monthly donation through your checking or savings account, please contact Dilshad Pirani @ If you would like to donate to specific projects, please check out our project listing page to find your project of interest.

*FYI: Our online fee is 3.3% per donated amount. 

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