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Hats and Mittens drive

Sanya’s Hope For Children is launching a hat and mitten drive in collaboration with the Community Action Partnership Agency (CAP Agency) for local homeless children. The drive is through August 15th – October 15th. We would appreciate the community’s support. Our dropbox has been placed at the CAP Agency’s admin lobby. See the attached flyer for more details. Thank you for your generosity!

Image may contain: text that says 'Knitted Winter Hats & Mittens Drive for Local Homeless Children August 15th October 15th Please donate hats suitable for those between 18 years. Drop Off Location: Community Action Partnership- Dr OUR GOAL 500 entrance. your let'screate culture Holiday seasonis fgiving. S/MITTENS GOAL ida compassion together, Organized Sanya's Hope impoverishedchildren. childrens' Children Agency appreciated. There donation donation you website. donations! tps://www.sayashopeforchildren.or. Sanya's HOPE FOR Children homeless'


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