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SHFC 2020 Meeting Tidbits

SHFC 2020 Meeting (1/17/20)

Online video meeting attended by Sanya Pirani, Emily Overlid, Sara Carlson, and Olivia Tighe.

  • Sara and Emily will sign up for the WE Allstate Grant
  • Everyone will start documenting their service hours
  • We need to fundraise and create a library in Ghizir, Pakistan
    • Might create a library in Chiapas or Lagunillas De Rayom, Mexico – Emily is lead and will get future connections

Scheduling for 2020

JAN:     Plan for 2020-1/18/20

FEB:     A cereal box drive during the HOMS Dance – Olivia is the lead (*pending*),

Planning for FMSC Event (Sanya will talk to Student Council to participate),

Talent Show Event for Food Drive – Everyone will get people to participate –

Andrea will contact Nutmeg (*pending*)

MAR:   Book Drive for new library ft. HOMS – Sanya will contact Student Council

APR:     GLOBAL YOUTH SERVICE DAY! FMSC Packing Event – Sanya is the lead,

Food Drive – Lead is pending

MAY:   Everyone will get people to sew SHFC Bags with us, a date for a refresher sewing class

for the team is pending, and a 5k at Cleary Lake with a bake sale for our library – Sara is lead

JUN:     School Supply Drive ft. HOMS, FMSC Event – Sanya is lead, Emily will contact her dance

team, Sara will contact people from PLHS, Andrea will contact soccer team *pending*,

Olivia will contact her band *pending*, Sanya will contact figure skating club and will

register for the event.

JULY-AUG (dates are pending):

Food Drive – Everyone will contact places that will hold our boxes or compassion jars, Finger-painting and tie blanket Art Project ft. Headstart – Emily is lead and will fill out donation requests for Joann’s Fabrics

AUG:    Winter wear + socks and underwear drive

SEPT:   Prep for CROP Walk, prep for Scare Hunger

OCT:    WE Scare Hunger ft. HOMS – Sanya is lead, CROP Hunger Walk – Everyone is lead and will try to register and participate

NOV:    Toy Drive – Sanya is lead, Hope for the Holiday – See CROP Hunger Walk

NOV-DEC (Dates are pending): Christmas Packing and Bag Drop off Events – Sanya is lead

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