Part 4: Sanya’s Hope For Children Christmas Bag Packing Event- 2019

Part 4: click the link to watch the video- Sanya’s Hope For Children Christmas Bag Packing Event- 2019/

Sanya’s Hope For Children Team is grateful for Senator Pratt, John Green (CAP Agency Board member), and Eric Gentry (CAP Agency director) to attend our event. 8th grader Sanya Pirani and community volunteers have sewn 500 school bags which will be filled with school supplies, books, and a toy to be given as a Christmas gift to homeless children. Today, Sanya and community volunteers filled the bags with donated school supplies, books, and a toy/game.

500 Christmas gifts will be distributed to the children through homeless shelters in our area. Scott County CAP Agency Director, Eric Gentry, will be present to support Sanya as she takes the bags to multiple homeless shelters. This is Sanya’s 4th year in a row working on this project.

TimeLine of gift distribution:
– Dec 7th 10:30 am-Bags will be packed for homeless children (the media is invited).
– Dec 17th from 6p-8p, Christmas gifts will be presented to homeless young adults age 18-25 years at Launch Ministry in Chaska-Same day, Dec 17th at 5p gifts to Families Moving Forward in Chaska.
– Dec 21st between 10 am and Noon, gifts will be delivered to the Sharing and Caring Hands homeless shelter and gifts will be delivered to Families Moving Forward Minneapolis.

Event: WCCO coverage

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