Sanya’s Hope For Children Bags/ Basic Sewing Classes

Sanya’s Hope For Children (SHFC)  bags are designed by Sanya Pirani. these bags are filled filled with gifts for homeless children and children are in need during Christmas time. Here are some pictures of SHFC bags.

How could schools, universities, collages and clubs could collaborate with us?

  • They could invite Sanya to the school, universities, collages and /or clubs. Sanya could demonstrate  how she makes the bags as well as explain the background of her service project.
  • They could have students makes the bags as their volunteer time and those bags will be use to help impoverished children and families.

SHFC teaches free basic sewing classless to children starting from middle school to high school- How could Sewing Experts help with this project?

  • Sewing experts could help with her teaching class during summer. This summer classes dates are
    Here are the dates for free sewing sessions -We are still looking for volunteers
    Thursday June 13th
    10:30- 12:30p
    Thursday June 20th
    10:30- 12:30p
    Thursday June 27th
    10:30- 12:30p
    Tuesday July 2nd
    10:30- 12:30p



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