My gratitude for a Larry who is in heaven

I am not even sure how to express my gratitude for a man who is in heaven. His name is Mr. Lawrence G Link (Larry). He left money for my nonprofit Sanya’s Hope For Children. I was deeply touched by his kindness. I didn’t know the man but my mother knows his daughter Ms.Cathy Hennen. She reached out to my mother to give me the good news that my nonprofit was selected to receive the gift from him. First, I would like to extend my deepest sympathy for losing your beloved father and husband to your mother Mrs Link. I pray: may Lord grant him eternal peace and I know Lord already abode him in heaven. I also pray for peace in the family and strength to face this huge loss. I am overwhelmed by his gratitude. We never met in person but I hope I made a positive impression on him. God bless you!!! Sincerely, Sanya Pirani

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