Sanya Pirani is one of The Minnesota’s Distinguished Finalists for 2019

Minnesota’s Top Youth Volunteers Of 2019 Selected By The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards honors – National Program-Distinguished Finalists has been selected

The program judges also recognized six other Minnesota students as Distinguished Finalists for their impressive community service activities. Each will receive an engraved bronze medallion.

Sanya Pirani, 12, of Prior Lake, Minn., a seventh-grader at Hidden Oaks Middle School, manages her own nonprofit organization, “Sanya’s Hope For Children,” which aims to assist children in her school with basic necessities. She has led hundreds of her peers to participate in projects including clothing, diaper and book drives; her “Christmas Bag Project” unites volunteers to sew and stuff bags full of toys, school supplies and books for homeless children.

Here is the link:

Distinguished Finalist

Sanya Pirani

Prior Lake, Minnesota

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