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Food drive brings in more than 3,200 cans of food


Editor’s note: The following submission is written by Primrose School of Savage Director of Enrollment and Admissions Cara Tonnell.

Primrose Schools are so happy to have had the opportunity to partner with Sanya’s Hope for Children and donate our collected non-perishable food items for those in need this holiday season. We are thrilled that our Can-A-Thon collected about 3,200 cans of food. That translates into 2,183 pounds of food.

Sanya is also a Community Action Partnership Agency ambassador. She brought Joe Vaughan, the CAP Agency president, and a truck to deliver the food to those who are in need via the agency.

Our Primrose students enjoyed spending time with Sanya in their classroom. They loved learning about where their donated items would be going while also learning more about Sanya’s Hope for Children nonprofit organization. We look forward to teaming up with Sanya’s Hope For Children for our upcoming caring and giving events happening at the beginning of the year.

We filled the bus! That’s huge!

Thank you, Sanya’s Hope for Children, for your partnership. At Primrose Schools, we believe who a child becomes is just as important as what they know. Each month, students at Primrose School of Savage learn about a new character development trait — generosity, responsibility, citizenship, friendship and so on.

During the month of November, Primrose School of Savage hosts their annual Primrose Caring and Giving Event — the Can-A-Thon. Throughout the month of November, our balanced learning curriculum focused on teaching our students about the meaning of generosity and the cycle of giving.

To kick off the Can-A-Thon at the beginning of November, our older students were given chore lists to guide them at home. Our students completed chores at home to earn money that was put toward classroom bank totals. Together, the money was used to purchase non-perishable food items that we donated to local families in need.

Our Primrose parents share every year how impressed they are with what their children learn about generosity throughout the process of this amazing caring and giving event. In addition to the character development lesson, many of our teachers use the Caring and Giving Can-A-Thon as an addition to their daily math lessons, counting the cans that came in each day while also using them to count, sort and box. As the change was donated, our teachers taught lessons focused on identifying different coins and their values.

We contacted our local Hy-Vee store located on Eagan Drive in Savage, and they were very excited to be able to help us make this event even bigger. They invited our Primrose pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and before and after-care/explorer’s club for personal tours of their Hy-Vee location. Hy-Vee heard that the goal for our students was to fill our Primrose bus and to donate 1,200 cans. Hy-Vee created a special just for Primrose children. They helped us surpass our goal.

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