SHFC (Sanya’s Hope For Children) 2018 Contributions!!!

Volunteer’s involvement: up to 1,350 (included HOMS students for fundraising)

Sanya’s Hope For Children Team Members:

  • Sara Carlson
  • Andrea Reichwald
  • Emily Mayte (new member)

Speaking engagements: 14 total (including CAP agency board meeting)

Fundraising efforts: 13 projects each project involved fundraising to at least 10 major efforts to reach out to donors.

Single volunteer’s hours: 1000 plus hours in 2018 (relentless hours of efforts was put in).

Cumulative volunteer’s hours: at least 2,700 hours

2018 Food Drive results:

  1. April music drive 1, 650 lbs. of food and $1500
  2. June-Libraries- PL, Shakopee and New Horizons school-1,312 lbs. of food
  3. September-Libraries- Dakota -13 lbs. of food
  4. October-Scare Hunger -1,230 pounds of food
  5. December- Primrose Savage School-3,200 canes of food that translate into 2,183 pounds
  6. Total 2018 total food collected by SHFC is 6,388 pounds

Book Drive in collaboration with Hidden Oaks Student Council and CAP Agency assisting with delivery:

  1. HOMS-10,000 books for “Book for Africa”.

FMSC Packing Event:

  • March 1st, 2018. We serve with 45 of our volunteers -Each meal is $0.22 so $27,015 allows us to produce 122,797 meals!! Such a great amount!!

Sewing Sessions:

  • SHFC taught 6 week sewing class to children for free. Hoping they used the skills to make bags for children in need.
  • Children supported and made about 80 bags which were included in Christmas gifts.
  • SHFC owns 10 sewing machines.

Socks, Underwear, Blankets, Hats and mitten drive for CAP Agency:

  • 542 socks, 360 underwear for children for both total $1,100 value
  • 56 hand knitted hats and scarves
  • 5 handmade Large Blankets.
  • 14 infant and children hats and mittens.
  • New 50 clothes for the thrift mart, cutesy of Target.
  • New 65 Winter Jacket, sweat shirts, and more as labeled from Target.

 School Supplies drive for CAP agency collaborated with HOMS:

  • We collected 5 boxes of school supplies included pencil, erasers, shapers, ruler, folders, loose-leaf paper, markers, highlighters and note cards.

CROP Hunger Walk collaboration with CAP Agency:

  • 2018 CROP Hunger Walk, SHFC was the 5th highest fundraiser and Sanya was top 3rd solo highest fundraiser.

Hope for the Holiday collaboration with CAP Agency:

  • SHFC adopted 45 individuals that translated into $2,250

Christmas Bag Project: (CAP Agency collaborated with packing and transporting gifts):

  • SHFC supported 545 children and staff of homeless children for Christmas gifts (Sharing and Caring Homeless Shelter and St. Ann’s Place). Each gift included hand sewed bag, book, school supplies and toy. Total cost was $25,000.



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