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Christmas Bag Preparation -Elfs from Prior Lake High School

Dear Donors,

Sanya’s Hope For Children Traditionally give gift to 500 homeless children. Each child gets bag sewed by Sanya and friends, bags contains toy, book, and school supplies.

You have shown interest in supporting Sanya’s Hope for children for last 3 years. We come to you once again to support us. No amount or gift is too big or too small!!

Your generosity much appreciated. Link for online donations is listed below or If you are interested to support our Christmas Bags. Here are the Items we still need to buy:

1-Note Books- 250
2-Pen – 194
3-Scissors- 176
4-Crayons – 164
5- Pencil Box or pouches- 185
6- Glue Bottle – 145
7- Color Pencils – 259
8- Lead Pencils (packet of 6) 195
9- Markers – 375
10- Wide Rule papers – 250 (optional).

Online donation link:


Attached are the pictures of generosity of time in action. Thank you do much Cole Keiper Hallie Keiper, Michelle Geis Keiper, Sara Carlson, Piper Scepaniak, Pam Scepaniak, Terri and Andrew for your dedicated service. Thank you so much everyone for your time donation.

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