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Sanya’s Hope For Children Christmas Bag Event -KSTP coverage

Sanya’s Hope For Children Christmas Bag Event aired on local TV by KSTP. Thank you for the coverage.

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December 03, 2017 08:05 PM

Sanya Pirani is no ordinary sixth grader from Prior Lake.

“I think that every child is different in their own way and I just choose my time to help other people,” she said.

With a little help of her mother and father, Pirani founded a nonprofit organization called Sanya’s Hope For Children to support local and global impoverished children.

“In January 2017 we started Sonya’s Hope for Children because it helps marginalize children with basic necessities like food shelter, clothing, safety and education.” Pirani said.

Just in time for the holiday season, more than 30 volunteers, most of them other children filled, 500 hand-sewn bags with school supplies and toys to give away to homeless children.

” The bags are going to Sharing and Caring Hands in Saint Paul,” the sixth grader said. “Last year we were only able to give one back to each family, but now we are probably able to give each kid a bag.”

Sharing and Caring Hands is a larger non-profit organization. According to the organization’s website, Sharing and Caring Hands provides more than 3,300 beds to adults and children who may otherwise be sleeping on the floor.

Sophia Mazzolini and Emily Overlid volunteered at the bag packing event to ensure each child can smile on Christmas day.

“I think it’s special because these kids don’t have very much and I feel like it would just make their world,” Mazzolini said.

” I think they would feel pretty sad if they didn’t get anything because Christmas is like a holiday where you get some stuff and spend time with family,” said Overlid.

For Pirani, is what the holiday season is all about, and she has a message for other young girls or boys who may want to lend a helping hand.

” Believe in yourself,  no gift is too small or too big,” she said. “Every penny counts, every second counts and anything you do really matters to the world.”

To learn more or donate to Sanya’s Hope For Children click the home link: Thanks



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