List of Sanya’s 2016 Christmas Hero:

Sanya nominated these people her "2016 Christmas bag project Heroes". First one is Manager Pierre and Manager Jay Beckius Ftom toys r us, he and Ms Jay help Sanya with school supplies and toys for her project. It was enormous help. Second was Kim Insley, who believed in Sanya’s passion and run her story on her local news. It was huge help to spread the word. Third, the most beloved GrandMaa who help Sanya with many school bags handles because our sewing machine is basic, it jams up with heavy fabrics. It is humongous help we continue to receive from Grandma Peg. Last but not least Joe, he helped us carry big boxes to sharing and caring hands. He is the most love example of humble person.
There are many many people touched Sanya’s charity work. It’s impossible to recognize all but we know all have special place in Sanya’s heart. This one is just for one project.
Thank you so much all those who have in any ways. Words are not enough to describe your kind ways!! Lord bless you all.

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