Three Simple ways Community Members could collaborate with Sanya

Support, Speak, Share!!!
One: Support!
•Donate today, specially towards our diaper drive.
•Filling my compassion Jars as business, individuals or Family.
•Offer matching for donations or ask your companies or club to match or donate.
•Buy my book marks
•Sew with me.
•Order my school bags.
•Invite me to speak to events, meetings or programs about educating, creating awareness or simply having motivational subjects.
Two: Speak!
•Tell 5 people inside and outside your company a story of how my work has impacted local and global communities and my Facebook page and website especially for the diaper drive.
Three: Share!
•The impact and reach of networking are far beyond the local communities; share the experience by spreading the word of my work to friends, neighbors, or colleagues from inside and outside your business or to show them the power of one is something they can be proud of, participate in, and donate to.
Thank you and God bless you all!!!

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