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My letter to Sanya for WolfRidge Trip

My letter to Sanya I post it on 12/2/16 for Sanya to received it on Wolf Ridge.
My beloved daughter Sanya,
By the time this letter will arrive to you. You will already in Wolf Ridge. I am extremely nervous to let you go to the Wolf Ridge trip by yourself. However, I am super happy to see you so excited and full of energy. I know this trip will be your one of the most memorable trip in your life.
Mother to her most darling daughter:
1. I know music is not allowed but music is in your soul sing out loud with your friends, write songs and have fun.2. Enjoy your friends and create new friendships. Soak it in, learn new things every day. Learn about people, culture, environment and more.3. Don’t forget to take your medication called “FUN DUM DUM”4. Don’t miss me too much… Just kidding. If you feel homesick pretend Ms. Sara Seaman is your mother in your dorm. Hug and say “I love you”. That will come to me faster than wireless services, I will feel it right here at home. I will be thinking about you every minute.5. I would love you to write the journal every day and draw beautiful pictures. Get your writers hat on every night.6. Did I say to you have a bucket load of fun.7. Be brave!! I know you are. Try new things like skinning, rock clamping and bungee jumping etc.8. Without a doubt you are the most exceptional young lady I know. I am humbled and proud to be your mother. I may not always seems kind to you but I love you from my heart and soul. Every breath I take and every heart beats that says lub dub is all dedicated to you. If anyone could magically open my heart to see what is in it… It will be “Sanya”9. Be strong to try new things!! Sanya Don’t worry about people or other what they think or will say about you. Just follow your heart. Do what your heart and mind together decides.
10. Remember!! You could not change others but you could change yourself. Follow your intellect. I trust your intellect and your morality.11. Write a letter to me because I will miss you crazy.12. Don’t forget to have shower, I know you won’t lose stuff, brush your hair well. Ok … I know you are saying “mother I know everything” I will be your mother even when you are older.13. If you feel bored than you need to get out and have fun!! Enjoy life!!14. I hope you are reading this letter with smile on your face. I will be feeling you darling. Can’t wait to see you again.15. I love you my sweet heart. I love to see you all grown up so mature and intellectual. The way you care, share and respect. I adore you my sweet potato.16. Your Alf cotton candy miss you too.You’re my shining star, you’re the reason I am aliveYou’re my Lub dub, you’re my oxygen to stay aliveYou’re my caramel candy when I need boostYou’re my defib when my heart need a kick startYou’re the kindest girl in the world and I love you Sanya Pirani
You are blast!!!Mother!!Dilshad Pirani

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