About Sanya

The Story of How it Started

From very a young age, I used to worry about kids who do not have a mother and father. I used to wonder who feeds them. Who gives them clothes, especially in winter? Who keeps them warm and who reads them stories at night?

One night, I peeked in my mother’s office, she was watching a YouTube video clip of children suffering due to war; I saw a girl who looked younger than me sitting on the ground with torn cloths, no shoes, immense sadness and fear in her eyes. I was sad, angry and worried for her. I ran away to my room. Her sad eyes told me “Help me.”

Later, my mother had asked me what was bothering me. I told her that I saw that girl who was sitting on the ground on the YouTube video. Was it real? “Why did she look so sad and helpless?” My mother reluctantly explained that the girl perhaps lost her family and might not have anyone to care for her. I immediately asked, “Why? Mother, didn’t you tell me God loves everyone?”

My Mother replied, “Of course.”

“So why some people extremely poor and others are not?” I asked.

My Mother replied, “God created people like you and others who are passionate about helping God’s children.”

That night my mother’s words became real to me. I decided I needed to do something big to help others. Now the question in my mind was what should I do that will not only have a big impact but also to inspire my friends to collaborate with me.

The next morning I woke up early and started googling the ways to help. I came across a website that explained how I could feed a village of 100 people for one year.

Boy I was thrilled! I couldn’t wait to tell my mother. When I told my plans to her she said, “How about start with feeding one child first?”

I looked at my mother and said you told me, “I could reach for the star in me.” Mother knew at this point that nothing could stop me.


  • Disney Summer of Service grant – YSA (Youth Service America), 2017
  • Star of the North Award – Congressman John Klein, 2015
  • Exceptional Youth in Philanthropy Award – Association of fundraising Professionals – Minnesota, 2015
  • “Certificate of recognition for excellent community service and to the global effort of FMSC” – Governor Mark Dayton, 2015
  • Leadership Service Award – CAP agency, 2015
  • Laker’s Pride Award – Prior Lake School, 2014


Sanya is a singer, songwriter, and story writer. Some of her poems and songs have been published to local the newspaper. Sanya loves cooking, reading books, writing stories, swimming, skating, playing piano and likes to play kickball.

Sanya has been volunteering with CAP Agency since October, 2013. She was named the CAP agency Ambassador for Carver, Scott and Dakota County in December, 2015. Sanya also enjoys volunteering with her church and the Prior Lake Public Library.

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